Before He Was A Lawyer

Before he became a lawyer, Mr. Jacques was a computer consultant.  He was the fourth full-time employee at a small computer network consultancy called Net Daemons Associates, Inc. based in Waltham, Massachusetts.  NDA was then recently formed by some former employees of Stardent Computer.

While at NDA, Mr. Jacques managed multiple, simultaneous client relationships and was involved in critical company services, management activities and decisions.  During this time, NDA grew annually at 100%: revenues increased from $0.1M to $6.0M, 3 offices were opened across the nation and staff grew to 50.  Mr. Jacques was eventually promoted to director of new business unit, reporting directly to the corporate officers.  He was responsible for managing the team delivering the firm’s premier product:  Emergency computer and network consulting services available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  NDA’s CEO recognized Mr. Jacques as an “Awesome Employee”, selecting him to participate as a subject in a national study group of similar individuals conducted by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Kauffman Foundation.  Eventually, Mr. Jacques became disillusioned with his computer career and sought to broaden his horizons by going to law school and becoming a lawyer. 

NDA continued to thrive, and it was subsequently purchased by an application service provider, Interliant, Inc. of Purchase, New York.  Interliant participated in the dot-com meltdown and went bankrupt in August 2002; its assets were purchased by Navisite, Inc. in May 2003, however, Akibia, Inc. acquired most of what comprised NDA in September 2002.

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